Mechanical Engineering Department of Nazarbayev University 

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Nazarbayev University School of Engineering aims to be the leading school of engineering in Kazakhstan as well as in the Central Asian region. The School's objective is to ensure that its graduates are well-prepared to meet the growing demand for flexible professional practitioners in the fields of chemical, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, to work as the good inventors, scientists, managers and advisers

The School of Engineering provides a student-centered holistic approach to educating engineers who will be future leaders of Kazakhstani industry sectors. The life of an engineering student is filled with exciting activities. Besides lectures, tutorials, laboratories and traditional coursework, at NU School of Engineering there are many project-based assignments, competitions, exhibitions, workshops, industry visits and organized problem-solving discussions that will enable our students not only to "think outside the box", but also to gain valuable experience. Our students are actively engaged into many social and sport activities including those organized by the Engineering Society.Our professors come from all over the world to share their knowledge and fascinating experience with our talented students. School of Engineering has the highest entry requirements at the University, and now we have almost 700 gifted students studying at our School.

It is anticipated that our engineers would be in high demand because of the quality education they would have received and the status of Nazarbayev University as a world Class University in engineering education. Many of our graduates will certainly become tomorrow's leaders of the Central Asia and Eurasia's engineering community.

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