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The Graduate School of Education (GSE) at Nazarbayev University aspires to

become an influential, world-class graduate school of education, effecting change in educational thinking, policy and practice at all levels of education through scholarly research, quality teaching and persuasive argument. Through its research, teaching and scholarship, the GSE is committed to working to improve education for all, sustaining a vision of education which enables individuals to maximize their own potential, free from the constrains of poverty and background, within a context of mutual understanding and global interdependence.

The GSE at Nazarbayev University shall:

• engage in educational research, teaching and scholarship at the highest international standard,

• mediate such research, teaching, and scholarship, locating it within broader contemporary frameworks, and

• enhance capacity-building in educational research, teaching and scholarship.

In working towards these aims, the GSE seeks to:

• create and maintain a collaborative and cooperative ethos,

• work with other Schools within Nazarbayev University in various interdisciplinary contexts and efforts, and

• pursue strategic initiatives to improve initial and continuing teacher education.

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