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Требуемый опыт работы от 3 до 5 лет
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  • Prepare a sales budget for the area under his/her responsibility and presenting it to National and/or International Store Management Director.
  • Keep store expenses under control.
  • Ensure a proper flow of information among individual stores and central office.
  • Identify objectives of individual stores and providing them with support for their achievement of such targets.
  • Keep a track of sales and stocks of individual stores.
  • Make a discrimination of selling and non-selling products with an eye to converting the non-selling product into a selling-one.
  • Provide sales-enhancing solutions at points of sales doing business at a loss.
  • Draw up monthly and weekly reports about sales, personnel, costs and market and presenting such reports to upper management.
  • Give an ear to customer complaints where required and ensuring a good communication with units concerned.
  • Check weekly timesheets of individual stores.
  • Develop suggestions to set up periodical campaigns and following up and through for the applicability thereof.
  • Keep close track of competitors; conduct probing's into market; and monitor the trend and ensuring a good alignment with it.
  • Set up norm staff of individual stores and getting in contact with HR for ensuring that vacancies are properly filled up for.
  • Track the professional and personal trainings of Store Manager, Assistant Store Managers and potential Managers, provide the feedbacks by working coordinated with HR department.
  • Ensure a commercial oriented visually with in the standards of Koton.
  • Train Store Managers, Assistant Store Managers and potential Assistant Store Managers.
  • Appraise performance exhibited by individual personnel and keeping Human Resources informed of results of such appraisal.
  • Give an ear to problems of personnel, provide solutions and motivate them accordingly.
  • Hold meetings for keeping personnel informed of systems, products, market, new collection and new practices.
  • Control the track of new personnel's orientation process.
  • Identify physical requirements at individual stores.
  • Make and implement projects about turnover reduction
  • Handle necessary organization for the opening of new points of sales opening or for the closing of points of sale run at a loss.


  • Being a University Graduate
  • Having a good command of English
  • Having minimum 3-year experience in store management in area manager's position
  • Being able to think analytically
  • Being Customer-Focused, with strong Communication Skills
  • Having a high level of Computer Literacy, and a good command of software and Excel
  • Having experience in Personnel Management, Product Management and coherent store visuality
  • Being able to make good market observations

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