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  • Performs work in E-commerce Accounting (Internet Shop) in accordance with current legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan and company`s policies and regulations;
  • Carries out of the calculation of taxes arising on E-Commerce retail;
  • Carries out of the advance requests and advance reports of E-Commerce department;
  • Keeps the original documents and supporting accounting documents in the best possible way;
  • Participates in inventory counts;
  • (If any) observe the status of the VAT being transferred and execute the application process so that it can be withdrawn from the Tax Authority (if this is the best option);
  • Compares the inventory lists in ERP with the E-Commerce retail lists and checks them with a trial balance;
  • Ensure that all E-Commerce retail documentation relating to the legal books is kept in a proper manner (supervised by the Chief Accountant / Finance Manager);
  • Prepare the monthly tax report for the Head Office in accordance with the relevant procedure (checked by the Chief Accountant or Finance Manager)
  • Analyzes the Withholding / VAT effects of license / service bills received from abroad in terms of Double Taxation Agreements.
  • Works with internal and external auditors during Financial and Operational audit;
  • In case of Compulsory Financial Audit or any other financial / tax audit; coordinates the preparation of the document / information requested by the inspectors. (checked by the Chief Accountant or Finance Manager);
  • Registration and Accrual Process Records fixed asset purchases, sales and expenses in E-Commerce retail unit;.
  • Makes tax-related records (e-forms) in the correct format (including digitals) and on time (checked by the Chief Accountant or Finance Manager);
  • Records import, export and Product Shipping bills and all other invoices and costs related to import;
  • Records the cost corrections.(cost adjustment) ;
  • Records the Revaluation of returned products;
  • Records the transfer orders (for multiple warehouse systems);
  • Makes reconciliation of Retail system and the Stocks in charge;
  • Keep records of the bank on a daily basis;
  • Makes a weekly reconciliation of the bank statements and documents officially at least once a month (checked by the Chief Accountant or the Head of the Financing) ;
  • Checks sales & returns data and past sales weekly. (Reconciliation and Return Documents) (Checked by the Chief Accountant or Finance Manager);
  • Records Sales / Returns and Discounts on a daily basis. (Checked by the Chief Accountant or Finance Manager) ;
  • Follows stock aging and stock provisions;
  • Accrues the expenses and prepaid expenses. (to ensure that all expenses are recorded in accordance with the procedure for the period concerned);
  • Records proposals (severance pay, stock etc.);
  • Calculates and records the Compulsory Fees;
  • Records depreciation according to Local Legislation;
  • Prepares and / or checks compliance with Banking Service Contract and Bank related documents. (Checked by the Chief Accountant or Finance Manager);
  • Executes Payments or makes Central Office Payment Requests in order to make relevant Tax declarations in the correct and timely manner. (Checked by the Chief Accountant or Finance Manager);
  • Prepares and / or checks the Payment Requests in the Payment Approval System. (Checked by the Chief Accountant or Finance Manager);
  • Upon request, reports of insurances, contracts and bank guarantees are made.
  • Prepares monthly Funds Collection & Commission Reports in Quarters.
  • Prepares a monthly exchange rate risk report.
  • Prepares Weekly Cash Flow. (Checked by Chief Accountant or Finance Manager)
  • Prepares monthly management reports.
  • Prepares Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.
  • Makes reconciliation between Accounting and Management Reports.
  • Prepares working papers and supporting documents for monthly / quarterly / annual Financial Overdrafts or audits.
  • Performs the Month End Reconciliation with Logistics Costs of Global Logistics department.
  • Analyzes Budget-Realized Deviation Analysis.
  • Prepares annual budget & quarterly forecasts for E-Commerce retail ;
  • Supports Budgeting and Forecasting activities of the company.
  • Prepares the Cash Flow Forecasting Table quarterly.
  • Reports to related management about deviations from company's prepared budget and about the causes of these deviations.
  • Issues financial tables in accordance with GAAP and / or IFRS on time and in full.
  • Makes UFRS adjustments.
  • Fills the consolidation package.
  • Enables GAAP and / or IFRS corrections to the reporting system.


  • University degree in Business Administration, Finance&accountimg, or Economy
  • Fluent English (written & verbal)
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in a senior accountant /deputy chief accountant position or within an audit company;
  • Experience in E-commerce will be an asset ;
  • Very good Excel skills and solid understanding of accounting software principles(ERP);
  • Planning, budgeting and cost control principles knowledge;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and effective communication (both verbal and written);
  • The ability to plan and prioritize workloads in order to meet deadlines is fundamental;
  • Navision and retail IT systems experience is a plus
  • Financial Interpretation and Analysis will be an asset

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